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Regal Academy special content

Regal Academy special content


Rose, a common girl, finds a key that carries her into the world of fairy tales. Here he discovers that he is the nephew of Cinderella, current director of a prestigious school: the Regal Academy. Rose decides to register and here she will live with her new friends numerous adventures. But unfortunately his mother discovers her and tells her not to go there anymore, in the end they return to do "peace" and Rose returns to the Regal Academy.

Regal Academy - Series 1 Episode 1

Here is the first episode of Regal Academy! Discover this fantastic cartoon!

Regal Academy - Series 1 Episode 2

Fabulous! For Rose, Hawk, Travis, Astoria and Joy it's time to learn how to ride the dragons, under the wise (and a bit 'severe) guide of the trainer The Beast!

Regal Academy - Top 3 romantic moments!

How beautiful! Here are the sweetest, most thrilling and frog-lovingly romantic moments at the Regal Academy!

Regal Academy Ep. 3 - A Swan in the Swamp (Clip)

For all the pumpkins! Rose, Hawk, Travis, Joy and Astoria are on a mission in the swamp ... and a disgusting monster is ready to give them a hard time! Bad luck Beast!

Regal Academy Ep. 4 - Astoria and the bean plant (Clip)

Accidedera! This time our heroes have to stand up to a huge giant! Fortunately, there is Rose and her special Pumpkin Magic!

"This is the moment" - Karaoke

Directly from the first season of Regal Academy, sing and dance on the fabulous notes of the song "This is the moment"!

Regal Academy Ep. 5 - A Marriage from a Fable (Clip)

Oh for-heel! Even at the potions lesson of Doctor Ranocchio Rose manages to combine the usual messes!

Regal Academy | Ep. 6 - Mystery at the Cinderella Castle (Clip)

Rose likes her fairy-tale life at school, but she does not like it when she has to go home on Earth once the lessons are over. But luckily, Vicky's last evil plan fails, and that the Earth Portal must remain closed ...

Regal Academy | Ep. 7 - The niece of the princess on the pea [COMPLETE]

Rose, Hawk, Astoria, Travis and Joy meet their new teacher of ceremonies: Bea - the niece of the Princess on the Peaus. It is really sweet and immediately manages to win everyone's heart. In the classroom, however, is an iron sergeant! After Bea threatens to give everyone a bad grade, Rose has a sudden idea - perhaps she has a black mood because she has not slept well! And that's how the epic quest of our heroes of a more comfortable bed begins for Bea, before it's too late!

Regal Academy | Ep. 8 - La Vendetta (Clip)

Oh no! A former family member of the La Bestia family, transformed into a super vengeful dog, transforms Hawk, Astoria and Joy into plants! Travis and Rose must be able to bring their friends to safety in the school!

Regal Academy | Ep. 9 - The attack of the Witch Ginger (Clip)

Rose has had to deal with giants, witches and trolls, but now she finds herself face to face with something she does not know how to deal with - her mother is angry with her! When Clara discovers that her daughter is secretly dating the school in the Land of Fables, Rose is in trouble!

Regal Academy | Ep. 10 - The Fairytale Collection of Roses (Clip)

The thing that Rose loves most in the world is her Fairytale Collection, a special collection of souvenirs that she has made since she arrived at the Regal Academy ... that's why she's looking forward to showing it to everyone!

Regal Academy | Ep. 11 - The Return of the Bad Wolf (Clip)

Oh no! This wicked old woman is actually the Bad Wolf, back in the Land of Fables! Rose and the others must stop him absolutely before he hits again ...

Regal Academy | Ep. 12 - Pumpkins and Dragons (Clip)

Rose accidentally stops the magic of the Regal Academy making it return to its original form ... an immense field of pumpkins! And to solve the problem, with the help of Alicia, the nephew of the Puss in Boots, Rose, Hawk and the others must find a very rare and gigantic pumpkin ... otherwise the school will never exist again!

Regal Academy | Ep. 13 - The Great Dance [COMPLETE]

The day of the Great Dance has arrived, and this means great clothes, great dances and great companions. Rose's companion is Hattie, the clumsy nephew of the Mad Hatter, while Joy has eyes only for Egregio Ranocchio. The curse of Egregio is so powerful that no one has ever managed to break it and so Joy and Rose elaborate a plan that consists in kissing him at midnight with a special lip-break-curse! Meanwhile, Vicky invites at the ball the evil Lucignolo di Pinocchio who will turn all the guests into donkeys!

Regal Academy | Ep. 14 - Iron Fan [CLIP]

The Regal Academy is challenged by the legendary Shan Academy to a competition of athletics competitions and ... burrito binge. Hawk, Travis and Astoria are all beaten by the same student ... LingLing, the niece of the Princess Ventaglio di Ferro!

Regal Academy | Ep. 15 - Rose and the Dragon King [CLIP]

Rose is excited about the first Dragons training class where she also meets Low Ong, the Dragon King, but Vicky, with the help of the evil Piper, sets off against the school!

Regal Academy | Ep. 16 - The Song of the Sea Witch

Rose wants to learn to sing because all the famous fairytale princesses succeeded ... and Joy is ready to help her, along with her band!

Regal Academy | Ep. 17 - Hawk and poisoned apples

The Evil Queen, aka Snow White's stepmother, has returned to the Land of Fables ready to redeem herself, and has now become the potion poison teacher of the Regal Academy. But there's something very strange about her ...

Regal Academy | Ep. 18 - Fables on the Earth

All teams are sent to Earth for a special cooking task! Rose, Hawk, Travis will find themselves, however, having to fight enemies ...

Regal Academy | Ep. 19 - The Curse of the Hair

Astoria is in a panic because every morning she wakes up in the school library. Rose and the others watch her at night and find the culprit: her own hair ivy!

Regal Academy | Ep. 20 - Parents' Day

It is the "Parents' Day" at school and Rose tries to convince her mother to return to the Regal Academy. In the meantime, he draws the attention of Melvin, the wizard's nephew of the Wizard Merlin, who challenges her to a magical duel!

Regal Academy KARAOKE

When LingLing's grandmother, the Iron Fan Princess, is kidnapped by the Monkey King, she prepares for a solo mission to save her. Or anyway we try ... because Rose, Hawk and the whole team accompany her!


Regal Academy KARAOKE!


RA: a clip while waiting the second season


R.A. Dragons Dance

It is online the last video mady by Regal Academy: Dragons Dance!



​When LingLing's grandmother, the Iron Fan Princess, is kidnapped by the Monkey King, she prepares for a solo mission to save her. Or anyway we try ... because Rose, Hawk and the whole team accompany her!

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