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How to remove wall stickers from wall

How to remove wall stickers from wall

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Removing a wall sticker is a simple , fast operation and does not ruin the surface to which it is applied.

Wall stickers are made to last in time and give original touch to the wall decoration, but over time you can decide to change, paint the wall or just change the house. In these cases, removing the sticker is a complicated operation.

Many mummies ask us whether to apply mural wall stickers to little children who in a few years will see their children grow and it will therefore be time to renew the decoration of the room. So we wanted to reassure them with a practical guide on how to remove stickers once their kids become big.

Here are the main steps to remove a wall sticker:

1) Prepare the adhesive

The preparation phase is very simple and consists in warming up the sticker with a sticker to allow the glue to dry out so much that it is enough to facilitate the operation. It is important to remember that the sticker is glued and you do not have to tear it out of the way because it could break and leave any residue . You must proceed with delicacy and be assured that it has been warmed well before you begin to detach it. Once hot, you can proceed with the removal.

2) Remove the adhesive

Helping with a thin object, lift the edge of the sticker and pull it slowly . At this stage it will be obvious if the glue has dried enough and you can then continue sticking slowly down. Do not force too much if you feel resistance, detach the sticker calmly, taking the time you need. If it appears to you that the sticker is breaking or the glue is still cold, resume the phon and try warming it a bit longer . You will find that you will not encounter further difficulties.

3) Clean any residues

It is possible that glue traces may remain on the wall. In this case just clean with a cloth (even damp) and completely remove the residues as well . The surface will be intact and will not be damaged immediately. At this point, if the wall sticker has been on the wall for years, the wall color may be slightly different (somewhat like when moving a picture), and it may be useful to paint the wall, or apply a new wall sticker!

Some extra advice for you ....

Wall stickers for tile, furniture, glass ...

Wall stickers are a great wall decoration but not just ! It is possible to apply them not only to walls but also to glass, wood and plastic; if you are in the vein, there are even stickers for the fridge ! The important thing is that the surface on which the wall sticker is to be applied is smooth . So bragging and decorating bathroom tiles, furniture, windows!

Are stickers reusable?

Absolutely yes! all our stickers are sticky-toothed. Once applied, it lasts years, but if you decide to remove them, you can hang in another corner of the room! Do not worry, if you do not like where you attack it you can always reposition it!
If you are tired of the sticker you can still remove it without wrecking the wall.

Well, these are the procedures for applying stickers, if you need some advice send us an email, we will answer you right away!

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