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How to apply wall stickers to wall

How to apply wall stickers to wall

Place the adhesive on the wall

The wall sticker has a protective layer on the back.
First of all you have to place the sticker on the wall and fix it temporarily with the scotch. Once you are sure it is in your preferred location you begin with the actual application.

Remove the back

The next step is to remove the protective foil on the back and start attaching the sticker to the wall .
When applying stickers, be sure to adhere perfectly every part of the adhesive . Begin from above and gradually remove the lower protective veil. Help with a credit card or similar object to adhere perfectly every part. Here the kids are expert, having attached so many figurines know it is important not to leave bends while they are attacking!

Some extra advice for you ....

Wall stickers for tile, furniture, glass ...

Wall stickers are a great wall decoration but not just ! It is possible to apply them not only to walls but also to glass, wood and plastic; if you are in the mood, there are even stickers for the fridge ! The important thing is that the surface on which the wall sticker is to be applied is smooth . So bragging and decorating bathroom tiles, furniture, windows!

Are stickers reusable?

Absolutely yes! all our stickers are sticky-toothed. Once applied, it lasts years, but if you decide to remove them, you can hang in another corner of the room! Do not worry, if you do not like where you attack it you can always reposition it!
If you are tired of the sticker you can still remove it without wrecking the wall.

Well, these are the procedures for applying stickers, if you need some advice send us an email, we will answer you right away!

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