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3 alternative ways to use Mural stickers

3 alternative ways to use Mural stickers

When you buy a wall sticker , the first question we usually ask is: "in which room, in which wall or in what position will I be able to place it?". The easiest and most immediate solution would suggest the application on any too empty wall that wants to be decorated . But for the most imaginative and creative, there is the opportunity to get creative and get wild by placing the adhesive wall stickers in places and alternative positions and definitely not habitual. We therefore want to offer you innovative and strong impact solutions that will give you the opportunity to decorate the walls of your home on the wave of creativity and ingenuity.
What do you think of the ceiling ? Every time you put yourself under the covers you can admire your favorite wall sticker while remaining warm until you fall asleep.
If, on the other hand, you like looking at the landscape outside your home, stickers on the windows of your windows will create a magical effect on your room.
You can also give a completely new and renewed look to your bathroom, decorating the mirrors, the sink and even your bathtub . If you really can not help but see a beautiful sticker , apply it to the entrance of your home, so every time you go out or return you will be there waiting for you in the form of a coat or reminder .


Stickers for mirrors and windows

It's all about creativity. The stickers on the windows of your windows will make your room unique. There are not only walls to glue a sticker, but using a little imagination you can find very interesting alternatives. Have you ever thought about applying a sticker on the mirror ?
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Photo album on the house wall

Imagine all the photos you've taken in your life and that are on your phone or on your computer without ever being seen by anyone. Now, with photo wall decals , you can show off all the photos you want to show to your friends and relatives. In this way you will be able not only to decorate walls with wall stickers , but you can also customize them by inserting your photos or those of the most important moments with your children.
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Renew your bathroom!

To decorate the bathroom there is nothing better than a beautiful wall sticker that gives a little 'liveliness and color to the bathtub or mirrors and the sink . Washing from today will be even more beautiful and relaxing.
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